Show off your green thumb at West U Plant Swap

August 22, 2018

It’s time to get green at the West University Place Plant Swap, a joint effort of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department and the West University Place Garden Club (WUGC). The plant swap,

Dorothy Zink, Lynn Smith, Dianna Freeman, Sarah Ballanfant, Mary Yehle, Celeste Mead, Helen Wilding, Dianne Wells, Michelle Moore, Lily Liang, Mary Catherine Choyce.

which kicks off the WUGC season will take place at the Community Building Auditorium, 6104 Auden, on Thursday, September 27 from 1-3 PM.

The event lets new and experienced gardeners bring cuttings of their favorite plants and swap them for other plants. Attendees are encouraged to bring five cuttings or plants to trade.

“It’s great for anyone that loves plants and wants to meet others with the same interest,” said WUGC President Sarah Ballanfant. “We come together to share information, share our passion for growing, and, of course, to share our plants. I want to encourage everyone to get involved.”

For more information on the event or becoming a member of the WUGC contact Patricia Noren at [email protected] or 713-662-5896.